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From black and white contrast patterns for visual stimulation to crinkle sounds to spark auditory development, our toys are designed with developmental experts making them Baby Loved, Science Proven.

Through sight, smell, sound, taste and touch, babies make “friends” with various objects and people around them. We encourage caregivers to explore and play together in the early months of life. As baby grows and becomes more aware of her surroundings, baby will discover new ways to play on her own.

The amount of pleasure, the delight in exploring and the joy of discovering those hidden treasures create new play experiences each time a baby plays with their Lamaze toy.

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  • designed to spark little triumphs at every stage of baby’s development. 
  • Created in conjunction with child development experts,
  • high quality, bright colors, friendly faces, crinkly fabrics and contrasting patterns 
  • Four feets have ring paper
  • with rings
  • horsehead there are ring the bell
  • two brightly colour pull-tab, beneficial to the baby practice to grab
  • Pushing and grabbing fine tunes baby's motor skills 
  • Push Along Peanut is a gorgeous plush push along elephant from Lamaze
  • Features crinkly ears and ribbon trunk
  • Also features a knotted tail and a squeaker to discover
  • Wheels make a rattle sound when pushed along
  • High contrast base to stimulate baby
  • Shake The Giggle Bunny Ball To Hear It Laugh
  • The Loop Ear Is Easy For Baby To Grasp
  • Premium Fabrics; High Contrast
  • Note: the sounds do not function until the unit is turned on. To turn it on, the user must hold the button in the ear down for 2 seconds after which the sounds will play every time the toy is shaken
  • Hold The Lamaze Heart For 10 Seconds To Turn It Off
  • Recommended from birth and onwards
  • Plush polyester, with a flexible plastic body
  • Designed for teething babies
  • Colourful and textural
  • Textured body 
  • Perfect size
  • Cute soft puppy character
  • Baby can play with the paws and explore the soft textured panels
  • Comforting textures for baby to cuddle
  • Chime noise in puppy’s head and crinkly ears
  • Ages: 0+ months
  • stimulate your baby's vision and auditory development
  • Leaf teether.
  • Rattle sounds.
  • Bright soft fabrics.
  • High contrast patterns.
  • Easy for little hands to grip.
  • Woody features fun colors and contrasting patterns for visual stimulation

  • Rattle sounds and a tethered chewy hat encourage auditory and tactile skills

  • Designed to be easy for little hands to grip

  • Surprise crinkles and interesting textures for baby to explore