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  • different textures help your baby to satisfy the need to chew and to soothe gums during teething
  • fun and colourful designs to stimulate the baby's visual perception
  • Different sounds to help stimulate baby's auditory development
  • Helps baby to use their small hands and fingers for grip
  • Generous gift pack
  • 15 developmental toys
  • Vibrant colours encourages visual perception
  • Textured surfaces for tactile development
  • Bath net for easy storage
  • Great as a gift for baby
  • Perfect for bath or water play
  • Textured teethers to soothe sore gums
  • Click-Clack sounds for auditory stimulation
  • Easy for little hands to grasp
  • Various textures for encouraging tactile development
  • Mirror for learning reflections
  • Crinkle sounds & rattling beads for auditory stimulation
  • STEAM/STEM toys for a bright future
  • Lots of activities to encourage baby to think, look, listen and move
  • Detachable hanging toys
  • Water filled teether
  • 32 colored balls included
  • Mirror included
  • Many ways to play
  • A soft place for baby to play
  • Easy ball storage
  • Versatile links attach to most prams, strollers, car seats
  • Textured teething links can help soothe sore gums
  • Vibrant colourful links connect together to form a chain
  • Link baby's favourite toys for on-the-go fun
  • Help soothe sore gums when used as teething rings
  • Grows with baby – perfect for Lay and Play from 0M
  • Easily folds for on the go and easy storage
  • 5 fun hanging toys are detachable for independent play
  • Bright colours and textured toys encourage sensory development
  • Each hoof features a different texture, shape, or pattern
  • Colorful click-clack beads for auditory stimulation
  • Textured teether to soothe sore gums
  • Crinkle feature aids sensory and tactile development
  • STEAM/STEM toys for a bright future - this Playgro toy helps develop Sight, Touch, Sound, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Teething
  • Features Cute Jerry Giraffe character
  • Soft and chewy water filled teether - Can be cooled in fridge
  • Perfect size for baby's small hands
  • BPA Free toy for ages 3+ months
  • STEAM/STEM Toys for a bright future
  • Features cute jungle friends characters
  • Perfect size for baby's small hands
  • Textured beads massage sore gums
  • BPA Free toy for ages 3+ months
  • STEAM/STEM Toys for a bright future
  • Features 3 detachable hanging toys Chewy teether for soothing sore gums Mirror for learning reflections Removable gym arm A soft, safe place for baby to play
  • STEAM STEM Development Toy, Playgro Age for Stage incorporates STEAM STEM principles.
  • Stage 1 Stimulating the senses.
  • Stage 2 Encouraging discovery.
  • Stage 3 Exploring and Developing.
  • Stage 4 Developing new skills.
  • Stage 5 Encouraging Imagination
  • BPA Free
  • 30 colored balls
  • 3 Convenient ball storage pouches
  • 4 different ball activity stations
  • Beach inspired theme
  • Colourful characters and patterns for visual development
  • Incorporates STEAM principles
  • * Projector and night light in one!
  • * 30 minutes of projection time
  • * 2 colour modes
  • * Portable and cord free
  • Incorporates STEAM and Age For Stage Principles
  • 5 detachable hanging toys
  • 4 different musical melodies composed privately for Playgro
  • A soft place for baby to sit/lie and play
  • Mirror for learning reflections
  • Detachable Arms
  • Rattling sounds for auditory development
  • Vibrant and colourful characters for visual development
  • Flexible all natural, 100% natural rubber latex is soft to touch and waterproof
  • Gentle bumps, shapes and textures for teething relief
  • Soft textured patterns, squishy nose and squeaker belly encourage tactile exploration and stimulation
  • Lightweight and easy to grasp
  • Playgro is Encouraging Imagination with STEM/STEM for a bright future - Great start for a world of learning